1 More Time Auction Services

Colonel Gary Smith

Col. Gary Smith Auctioneer for one more time Auctions

Gary Smith is a seasoned professional Auctioneer and a five-time finalist in state bid calling contests. With a strong background in both the auction industry and technology, he brings a unique blend of skills to the field.

Gary holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, showcasing his expertise in the digital realm. Additionally, he is a proud veteran, having served in the U.S. Coast Guard, and remains actively involved in the Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Beyond his auctioneering talents, Gary is a certified SCUBA diver and an alumnus of both the Missouri Auction School and Florida Auctioneer Academy. As the owner of One-More-Time Auction Company, he offers a diverse range of services, including real estate sales, restaurant equipment sales, automobile auctions, estate auctions, liquidations, and benefit auctions.

With his extensive experience and commitment to excellence, Gary Smith continues to excel in the world of auctions and brings a wealth of knowledge to every endeavor.

Gary works closely with students at Florida Auctioneer Academy, providing mentorship and guidance across all facets of the auction business and industry. He generously imparts his extensive knowledge and educational insights to empower you for a successful auction journey.

Col. Gary holds the prestigious license number 11 in the state of Florida. With a passport in hand, Gary conducts auctions and extends his assistance to auctioneers and auction companies on an international scale.